YOU are #SMAL & Powerful

YOU are #SMAL and powerful…….

Yet YOU willingly give away your greatest power every day because of a lie…..

This incredible power that shapes and creates our world every day, but YOU surrender it to others so they can build the world they want. Are YOU tired of it yet?

Do YOU want to know what LIE YOU have taken in, the LIE that has convinced YOU to give up your power? It is this oh soooo popular phrase, “Go Big or Go Home”…really YOU say doubtfully…...So tell me, where does this leave most of us going?  

But given a free moment without distractions, we all know -----nothing BIG is accomplished all at once. Big is the natural sum of SMAL efforts consistently constructed with purpose over time….Has it hit YOU yet? Do YOU know what this great power is that has been taken from YOU? This power used for others’ purposes and profits…your power taken and a world built with it that we believe…now we KNOW it needs to change…..have YOU guessed yet? ((((Drum Roll))) It is…your consistent day to day activity, time and purpose….employers pay to use it, advertisers expertly seduce YOU for it….using your time, activity, and purpose to serve them…it is what our world and our culture is built on.  And we have surrendered it…

But now their secret is out….now we no longer willing give our time and energy to their purposes! NOW we see the truth – which is we are not too SMAL and we will not be seduced into self-destruction for their benefit. S.M.A.L. reveals the truth that all great things in life are simply a construction built of consistent purposeful SMAL actions. That’s why companies so purposely want to own your habits…spend your time here every day, drink this every day, spend time watching this every day, workout here every day, stop here every day, just a few pennies a day….Why is that? Because habits are the true power and what we consistently do causes others to do the same….it multiplies and that’s true power. Take back your power, take back what is #SMAL…..

So…why misspell SMAL? To serve as a constant reminder we are building our world in every moment and we should build it by:

  1. haring
    M. ultiplies
    A. cts of
    L. ove

"No act of kindness, no matter how SMAL, is ever wasted." – Aesop (HE KNEW!!!)

How do we live SMAL & build a #SMALWorld?     IamVC’s philosophy (Live #SMAL & Be The #ButterflyEffect)

First share the best about each other: this builds upon the truth that there is #GoodPeopleEverywhere…we all know that negative news just creates more negativity…so #BeTheChange….in order to build a SMALWorld together, we have to believe this about each other first!
Do SMAL things for people every day and all day and at least sometimes share your ideas and actions. 
Look at the #SMAL things YOU do every day and see what your energy, time, money, thoughts, relationships, purchases....what do they build up to and invest in...Love, Unity, community, better world…that change YOU want? 
Live #SMAL in every moment knowing the SMALest love YOU can show, especially in the hardest moments, can make the biggest difference. And places where it is needed the most is where it matters the most!

Most importantly---use your time and energy for others, because that #SMAL change will have the biggest impact of all on every one of us.

The #SMALest change can create the biggest #ButterflyEffect leading us in a new direction!

Let's create a ‪#SMALWorld - Jerry @ I am VC - Creating #RevolutionaryUnity by any means necessary!     






Zombies are among us...bringing about our destruction (Greatest Mental Disease killing our humanity)

Here they come the Walking Dead... 

able to move but dead inside, creating a constant state of deterioration, unable to communicate with those different, hungry to devour others without mercy, using their mouth to spread disease and death, only weakness is their own minds, most often only found in crowds like themselves unless they are preying upon others......most frightening of all they are everywhere and look like anyone...


Who are these monsters?

THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS - the most destructive mental disease killing our humanity.  

They are a part of every race, political leaning, religion, gender, sexuality, nationalism...whatever difference they cling to for their narrow identity, forgetting they are HUMAN like us. Though they move around they are dead and without life, because life consists of growth and harmony. They are certain that whatever they say or do is completely righteous because of their favored existence. No matter what wrong or harm they do to others, it is justified by the cause and their moral superiority. They take great pride in segments of who they are...most often in characteristics and circumstances they have no choice in. They have come to destroy or convert all who are not like them.

Try to carry on a conversation with someone in this state and YOU will find, like true zombies, they are unable to communicate effectively. They grunt and groan....unable to make any real sense, because they are not open to any thoughts but their own. They are always aggressive and often out front waiting to eat away at the humanity of others. They want to destroy any empathy, understanding and connection YOU might have for others. They are the dividers found in every part of society. 

Zombie's vulnerability is their minds and they protect themselves by only having people who think like them around them. They are weak minded and cannot have people around challenging their one different can be accepted without being assimilated. They will go to great lengths for their ideas....destroying almost all of their humanity and sometimes their own and other's lives, as long as they keep their hollow ideals. Violence is their primary reaction to any challenge. 

The disease they spread from their mouths is highly contagious (fear is their greatest weapon). Sometimes they are easily spotted because of the hate that pours out of them. Even more dangerous are the ones that hide and get YOU without YOU even realizing it, until it is too late. They promote false unity and pride, but always against another group, removing their humanity and yours...then before YOU know it, YOU are infected too. They rally under flags of race, religion, nationality, politics...and so many more... this poses the greatest risk and how most are taken in...

So how do YOU know if YOU are infected (Symptoms)? 

One of the first symptoms is an exaggerated sense of pride in something about YOU or your circumstance, often gifted to YOU by chance not choice. This makes YOU feel more entitled and of higher value than others. Easily detectable by what starts to comes out of your mouth...harsh criticism and condemning of others with different thoughts or traits.  This leads to a justified self-interest above all, whether for YOU or your self designated group. Other symptoms include; unwillingness to accept mistakes by others, lack of compassion for others, easily offended by another party, unforgiving when hurt by others, justifying mistreatment of others, living by double standards.....and more sickness.

More importantly what is the CURE?

STRONG doses of  Empathy, Forgiveness, and Compassion (Yes even for the Zombies...they can be cured too...I know because I was one!) Keep your humility and surround yourself with people who challenge and stretch your ideas - grow - it is what life is about. It is Human Nature to care for each other, none are superior - we are all born in the same circumstance: Human. After that the circumstances may have differences but We Are One -FIRST. Actions done in Love (#SMAL) will cure everything YOU can to remind others we are interdependent. Let's create a Viral Change and do all we can to infect others with our caring, active, and on purpose lives. 

Join us in doing the #SMAL things that are needed.....Let's Create Revolutionary Unity by any means necessary




September 16, 2015 by Jerry Williams

#‎Secrets‬ and Why (Constant Fear Cycle Required)

‪#‎Secrets‬ and Why (Constant Fear Cycle Required)

YOU are glued to the drama unfolding --- actively anticipating the next sequence of events, combined with your desire ----- NO demand for something better or good to come from this ---
Boom.....COMMERCIAL break

So what am I hinting at?

Why is it that in a world made up of predominantly good people like YOU, does the news seem to paint most of us out to be creating evil?

Simple Truths Revealed:

First: News Cast serve the same purpose as all TV programs - Attention for Advertising $$$$$$s

Second: Advertisers greatest desire is for your mindset to be: hoping for something better, while demanding ACTION needs to be taken--- where does this lead?

Oh ----and it does not work huh. Ok, too bad all those advertisers shut wait they did not, even in this "struggling" economy? (Apologize for the sarcasm). They still invest what seems like insane amounts of money into advertising and they get absurd amounts back, because it works. Even Breaking News never happens during commercial breaks, but interrupts your favorite program.....priorities?!

See even all our favorite written programs are based off things that would occur in the news and they try to hook us emotionally. So what is better than that....well the real current thing - Bad News

Their greatest weapons:

Fear - HOLDs our attention and leaves us craving for more information…and YOU are just waiting for things to get better, so YOU can go back to life - wait a minute what advertiser wants that? (Constant Fear Cycle Required)

Anger - motivates us to demand something better…

Both are motivators of ACTION!

What could any advertisers want more than millions of minds wanting --- NO starving for more information,  coupled with us demanding for something better and spring loaded for action? And this is YOU..... {Commercial Break}

So this is a simple explanation to a complicated subject but truth is often found when things are broken into its simplest form. I could expound so much more on this but YOU can read between the many lines or to talk.

So are there horrible things in our world that need to be ADDRESSED....YES!
ADDRESSED is the key. See addressing things is spending time with those creating solutions and there are a lot of YOU out there do it (this should be the news so it can be replicated). Lost in this money grab are the results on our society of promoting stories of the worst of our humanity - promotion causes it to grow and is seen as normal because everyone is doing it----Right? We are perpetuating the problem while being sold false solutions to our brain's manipulated needs. See if YOU feel content and things are good, YOU don't "need" anything. Our brains have always been programmed to act if there is fear present.....stop being manipulated! 

Why do I write about these things for an organization that promotes "Creating Revolutionary Unity by any means necessary" because this is by any means necessary part. YOU have to chose to stop allowing others from promoting, edifying, and sensationalizing only fear and division. Each conversation about the problem promotes and multiplies the problem. @ I am VC, we are the Viral Change and the Solution promoters!


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September 02, 2015 by Jerry Williams

Rigoberta Mecchu Tum - Noble Peace Prize Winner without knowing states I am VC's purpose.

This Article was originally Posted here: and written by John Haltiwanger

I repost it because I this is our purpose at I am VC: connecting the #SMAL things we can do to make our world better!


I met Rigoberta Menchú Tum around 9:30 am on Monday in a parking lot next to Shoreline Park in Mountain View, California. It was an overcast morning, not too chilly but not necessarily warm either.

We were joined by Dawn Engle, cofounder and executive director of PeaceJam, along with at least 40 volunteers from Google.

Menchú politely shook my hand and squinted while reading my name-tag, softly speaking my name aloud. It was a surreal encounter, which was partly due to the fact I was half-asleep, but also because of who she is.

In 1992, Rigoberta Menchú Tum won the Nobel Peace Prize for tirelessly and peacefully defending the rights of indigenous peoples in her own country, Central America and beyond. She is an icon in Guatemala, and a globally respected advocate of human rights, non-violence and common sense.

Needless to say, most Monday mornings don’t begin in the presence of such notable company.

We were there, in part, to celebrate Earth Day by engaging in a habitat preservation project in the nearby Shoreline Park. More broadly, the meeting was in recognition of the 1 billion acts of peace campaign.

The initiative is spearheaded by PeaceJam, Menchú and 12 other Nobel laureates, including the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Aung San Suu Kyi. It’s main goal: inspire one billion acts of peace by 2019.

I met with Menchú and Dawn Engle on behalf of Elite Daily to discuss this campaign, and to ask them how young people can be agents of change and ambassadors of peace in a seemingly tumultuous and violent world.

War is not a prerequisite for peace.

Peace is a convoluted and abstract concept, making it difficult to define and comprehend. We typically perceive it as implying the absence of war, or violent conflict. But as Menchú explained it to Elite Daily:

It’s very important to avoid seeing peace as something that always has to come with war attached to it.

In my youth, I associated peace with all of the terrible things happening around me: violence, persecution, war, and so much fear. It was all about life or death.

If I could give my younger self a piece of advice, it would be to view peace as something that can also stem from creativity and thinking positively, not necessarily as something that simply counters violence.

In essence, war does not define peace. Violence is not limited to armed conflict, but comes in many forms: poverty, disease, famine, injustice, natural disasters, discrimination, racism and inequality. All of these have the capacity to produce human suffering, and it’s up to each and every one of us to combat them.

Likewise, as Dawn Engle told Elite Daily:

Peace is not the absence of war; it’s something you need to build.

There are building blocks to peace, things like: human rights, social justice, access to clean water, women’s rights.

…We all have greatness and goodness in us, and we can all make a difference.

Thus, peace is not simply achieved by eradicating war, but through addressing the many issues that induce hardships across the globe.

Peace is accomplished “little by little.”

Peace is not accomplished through broad strokes, but small actions. Concurrently, it depends on all of us to make a commitment to real change.

During our conversation, Menchú argued all of us have the capacity to engage in acts of peace, stating:

Peace is not just symbolic, it’s something that you act on, something that you can do, right here right now.

Little by little, with very simple actions, you can make a difference.

For example, a picture can convey an important message or thought. Or, if you’re good with words, even a single phrase can impact an entire generation.

Simply put, peace is a product of turning positive thoughts into benevolent action. And these actions don’t have to be drastic or dramatic. Correspondingly, Menchú stated:

There are many techniques and methods to try and live in harmony, and there are so many causes to support.

…We haven’t given enough space for happiness and joy and we need to work to spread it more… Something as simple as young people playing sports, it’s a peaceful way to interact.

You don’t have to save the world to engage in an act of peace, you simply have to promote human connection.

Connectivity is our greatest power.

With so much happening across the world, peace might appear a daunting task. In this context, it’s important for us to recognize all of the advantanges we currently possess.

War occurs less often and kills fewer people than it did in the past. People do not die from disease as frequently as they used to. Poverty rates have declined drastically in recent decades. And humanity, on the whole, has become more generally progressive in regard to issues surrounding racism, sexism and discrimination.

The daily news might tell you otherwise, but we live in what is arguably the best time in human history.

Social media and the 24/7 news cycle have connected us in such a way that it might be easy to perceive the world as a constant mess, but that’s not entirely true.

It’s important to address the many issues that confront us, but it’s equally important to acknowledge the progress we’ve made as a species.

We can’t allow increased connectivity to convince us things are hopeless. Instead, it’s important we use the incredible technology at our disposal as a tool for instituting change and, in turn, peace. In Menchú’s words:

Conscientiousness and communication are vital to peace.

Show the world when you’re doing good things, or no one will know… Spread the message.

We live in the age of technology… An action you do here, it can be replicated elsewhere, and echo throughout the world.

It’s important to build on what others have done. There are so many examples of this. There are huge global projects, but also local initiatives.

Nowadays we don’t need to send someone on horseback from Guatemala to Africa to tell their story [laughs]… There are so many possibilities.

She also contended we shouldn’t view the many issues humanity currently faces as obstacles, but as presenting a myriad of opportunities to get involved.

Menchú argued what we really need right now are leaders, particularly in our local communities.

Millennials are in the perfect position to step up to the plate and accept this challenge, or as she so aptly stated:

Peace doesn’t have to be a lofty concept… It can start with something very close to you.

The best part of our current world is how connected it is, because it means that each small action, when combined with others, becomes a massive thing.

If there is a young person who takes it upon his or herself the vital step of taking leadership in something small, particularly locally, such as developing his or her community, helping with education, or improving the environment…

Those little steps, they are what build leadership, and the youth are what have the power to accomplish this now.

Rigoberta Menchú came from a poor family and faced systemic discrimination throughout her life. She lost her father, mother and brother in a decades long civil war that devastated her country and forced her into exile.

But none of this deterred her from being an agent of change and an ambassador for peace. Even after winning the Nobel Peace Prize, she continues to advocate for change.

It doesn’t matter where you came from, or what you’re doing now — little acts can lead to big changes. Rigoberta Menchú is a prime example of this.

The 1 billion acts of peace campaign is a great place to start in this endeavor. Learn more at:


May 21, 2015 by Jerry Williams

Are YOU the enemy to Unity?

All relationships start with YOU formulating an opinion based on exceptionally limited information about another person. Realize - YOU do not see the person as they really are but a translation of a small amount of information that YOU biasly translate. Do we agree?

So why do I say YOU are the enemy.......because what YOU allow into your mind programs your biases. And our culture is built for division.

News....just wow.....makes BILLIONS keeping and feeding our division because it is what inflames and awakens our emotions. Divisive opinions is what creates ratings....YOU have to be on that side or the other. Plus the extreme slant to negative news, leading us to believe we should watch out for those around us at all times. Divided by where does this leave us? 

Even our TV programs....the most popular focus on drama or searching out who is the bad guy. Even my favorite shows like Criminal Minds has us casting doubt on everyone that comes on the screen....searching out what is wrong with them. Dramas....who is cheating on who and who is lying. What kind of habits does this type of training get our minds into?

Criticizing and judging others is a national past-time in almost every environment. Too many of our conversations has us doing this.....I mean I am guilty, I catch myself all the time. Don't we all walk away from  conversations like that wondering what others are criticizing us for?

Fashion: I wear this to fit in with MY group. I wear this so people know I am different, sexy, powerful, cool, angry, not to be messed with.....Ok? What about the rest us us. Well you are not hot or cool enough to wear this..... Wow, how is this suppose to create a culture of caring and unity? 

So I ask where does this kind of programming lead us? 

What choices do we make that contradict our intentions?

How accurate is our world view?



Interested in YOUR thoughts........

Jerry - Collector and Sharer of Ideas (C.S. I.) @ I am

"I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions." - Augusten Burroughs 



March 02, 2015 by Jerry Williams

First Post - 2/6/2015

"I myself am entirely made of flaws, stitched together with good intentions." - Augusten Burroughs

Why I love the truth of this quote? 1: It compels me to stay humble and remember I always have lots of room to grow. 2: It is how I view others, knowing often, like myself, they need forgiveness because most of us are trying but stumbling along the way. 

So why did it take so long to create my first post? Because I am VC (Viral Change) is a start-up just trying to learn to crawl and I needed feedback from some of YOU to get some better direction.

I want to say Thank YOU to each person who challenged me and my is because of YOU that this idea will grow and become better. Some did it with a heart to help and some to tear down, but each was important. This either caused me to clarify and better the message or caused me to dive deeper into my understanding and come out believing even more in my purpose. So to each of YOU who speak honestly - THANK YOU! 

So my purpose: Find Practical ways that each of us can contribute to creating Unity and making our world better for all of us. So I ask...

 I hope so...


How can we make this happen? First realize that everything great is done or created by small habits and things done with a great purpose in mind. We all know this as truth even when we try to shortcut things only to find out again and again that it is the truth. Great athletes discipline small things and blocks of time to become great, an artist painting each stroke has a purpose, each note in a great song makes the whole great, personal accomplishments in life require planned daily actions, and looking back at social movements YOU will see the small things that had great impact to the purpose. 

This is no new idea, I didn't come up with anything great....I am just trying to collect and share many of the ideas that help make ourselves and our world better. So understand this is not my company or idea....IT IS OURS! We have to build it together, your stories, your suggestions, and your actions....we have to grow, forgive, and stretch our good intentions. We have a limited amount of time to make an impact, as shown below, so do it with purpose!!!

 Thank YOU Charity for sending me this video!




February 06, 2015 by Jerry Williams